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"Just wondering how much BioConfetti you recommend for a wedding? "

Its really up to personal discretion but as a guide we suggest approx. 80g is a nice generous handful of BioConfetti, also depends if you are 'hand throwing' or using toss cones or something similar, also depends on how many guests or if you need some extra for photos as well... 

We typically suggest to place a small order, have a play and some fun, divide it up into handfuls or throw cones and if you feel that you maybe wont have enough, we are more than happy to provide you with a free shipping promo code on your next order.

"Do people grab little bags or cones from the discount shop to put them in and hand out ?"
With the Toss Cones - there are some discount stores, party shops or also art shops that supply toss cones readily available to purchase from, however YouTube also have some really nice DIY videos as well and making your own cones gives a bit more of a personal touch.

"We are a function venue and a client of ours have asked if they could use this product. We have taken it to our management board and before they can approve the use of this product they have asked if we can get a sample that they can test out. I was wondering if you had sample options or if we would have to purchase a 1kg bag?"

We are more than happy to send out sample packets for approval to venues and management where required - especially if this helps our customers be allowed to use BioConfetti. 

It is always best to ask your venue first if you are wanting to use BioConfetti as courtesy and to ensure this is approved, even though our confetti is environmentally friendly and water soluable, there may always be the potential that a venue may not for whatever reasons allow the use of Confetti.

If you find that your venue has said a big 'NO' to confetti - we are always happy to send out a sample of our BIOCONFETTI in advance, the venue can see  and test that it dissolves first hand and usually this helps remediate any concerns. 

"Hi there, - I love the look of your confetti and am really interested in purchasing it for my wedding. However, our ceremony will be held indoors and I noticed the website specifies that it is for use outdoors. Is there a problem with using it indoors? Ie. will it start to dissolve on the floor and cause damage etc? We'd still like to purchase some to use for our outdoor photos (love that it's biodegradable!!), but would love to use some at the end of our ceremony as well."

Our BioConfetti is definitely only to be used outdoors.

If you are after confetti for indoors, best to look through our partner site King Confetti as we hold a range of different shapes, colours, materials and types of confetti that is better suited for indoors. 

Hello I'm After a 1kg bag of your BioConfetti. Just wondering how long it would take to ship to X-Suburb Y-Postcode...

We have integrated AUS POST via our store which will give you some options and transit times at checkout. There is Parcel Post and Express Post - if you are after something super urgent, last minute or having any issues with checkout, please feel free to get in touch with us though anytime! We can arrange for couriers, same day shipments and sometimes depending on location can drop your order off personally!

If you have any QUESTIONS in the meantime please feel free to email or call us anytime!

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